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The processes and techniques that let your ideal clients know how you can be their best solution.

How To Barter Smarter [free download]

by Dana Detrick-Clark   The process of bartering (exchanging goods or services for other goods or services, in lieu of money) is attractive in the small business world, where budgets are tight and talent is plentiful. It’s win-win when another vendor has something you or your clients need, and vice versa, right? Unfortunately, it’s easy for barters to leave at least one side unsatisfied. It could be that the agreements are treated too casually, the value of the exchange isn’t […]

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How to Craft 3 Valentine’s Day Specials That Will Make You Irresistible to Your Clients [podcast + free download]

by Dana Detrick-Clark Everyone wants to be irresistible on Valentine’s Day! But unless you’re in the love business, it may seem like a holiday that serves no purpose in your industry. Change that thought! There is always a way to use these calendar days as an opportunity to start a conversation or offer something out of the ordinary to our clients or prospects. And when we show the love, they return it. The key to crafting a great Valentine’s Day […]

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How To Get Started Guest Blogging

by Dana Detrick-Clark Before there were blogs, authors and marketers could broaden their audience through e-zine articles, hosting columns on a niche hub, or trying to get syndicated through a larger website. During that time in internet history, I had three of these going at any given time: my monthly column on local music website The Zone; my bi-weekly column on The Women of; my weekly column for Estrogen Music; and a music review section in print magazine Local […]

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3 Keys to Creating a Successful Business Mindset with Affirmations

by Dana Detrick-Clark In Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill proclaimed, “Repetition of affirmation of orders to your subconscious mind is the only known method of voluntary development of the emotion of faith.” Leaders in personal development like U.S. Andersen, Shakti Gawain, and the late Dr. Wayne Dyer all encourage affirmations as a means to shift your brain toward manifesting your goals, as do business motivators including Tony Robbins and Brian Tracy. But is it all just self-help fluff, or […]

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3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Getting Personal on Social Media

by Dana Detrick-Clark We may be running a business, but we’re also people with lives and views outside of that construct. We have opinions, beliefs, and topics that go straight to the core of who we are and what we we care the most about. Sometimes, these things unite us with other people, which can be a great way to draw new interest for our business. But other times it can do the exact opposite, serving as a negative distraction […]

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3 Price Dropping Myths That Are Killing Your Business

by Dana Detrick-Clark Many of us, in an eagerness to land steady clients and predictable income, will compromise our standard rates during negotiation. But what may seem workable in the beginning, especially if we are gaining experience or receiving projects from a client in bulk, may not grow with us. If you make a habit of price dropping in order to gain clients, odds are good you’re not only robbing your business in the short term, but in the long […]

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22 Jobs Every Creative Solopreneur Must Be Able to Do

by Dana Detrick-Clark They say solopreneurs must wear many hats, but exactly how many? Here’s a list of the 22 roles all creative solopreneurs have to fill to keep their businesses afloat. RUNNING THE CREATIVE SHOW 1. Creative Director and/or Project Manager No matter what area of creative is your focus, “CD” is your title. From developing concepts and products for both clients and in-house marketing, to overseeing and organizing outsourced creative, acquiring projects and leads, creating timelines, plus checks […]

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Do Fluffy Topics Hurt My Blog?

by Dana Detrick-Clark Not every blog topic is going to be a hard-hitting piece of industry news, must-have content, or an emotion-driven editorial. Sometimes, there’s just fluff. The internet is full of amazing, viral fluffiness, so there is something to the appeal. But if you show up to the page with only a bit of the lighthearted stuff to offer every now and again, is that such a bad thing? The answer isn’t cut and dried. If you are a […]

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The Difference Between Marketing Strategies and Marketing Tactics and How One Needs the Other

by Dana Detrick-Clark “What’s your marketing strategy?” one entrepreneur asks another, and the second entrepreneur replies, “Oh, I thought I’d do a mailing list, and maybe some cold calls.” “Great ideas!” the first says, “You should have a Facebook page, too.” The problem with this conversation is that neither of these entrepreneurs is discussing any sort of marketing strategy. Both are listing marketing tactics. Why is that a problem? Without a marketing strategy, tactics are just random shots in the […]

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Ultimate Voice Over Talent One-Sheet for Hirers and Producers [free download]

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by Dana Detrick-Clark As both a multimedia developer who hires voice over talent, and a voice over talent myself, I’ve found that each project is improved so much when the right information is organized in the right way. When deadlines are tight and our contacts are many, no one wants to waste time searching through every email or direct message for information we could easily have at our fingertips! That’s why I’ve developed this Ultimate Voice Over Talent One-Sheet for […]

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