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How To Barter Smarter [free download]

by Dana Detrick-Clark   The process of bartering (exchanging goods or services for other goods or services, in lieu of money) is attractive in the small business world, where budgets are tight and talent is plentiful. It’s win-win when another vendor has something you or your clients need, and vice versa, right? Unfortunately, it’s easy for barters to leave at least one side unsatisfied. It could be that the agreements are treated too casually, the value of the exchange isn’t […]

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3 Price Dropping Myths That Are Killing Your Business

by Dana Detrick-Clark Many of us, in an eagerness to land steady clients and predictable income, will compromise our standard rates during negotiation. But what may seem workable in the beginning, especially if we are gaining experience or receiving projects from a client in bulk, may not grow with us. If you make a habit of price dropping in order to gain clients, odds are good you’re not only robbing your business in the short term, but in the long […]

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Blog Roll July 5-12, 2015

Big impact articles this week from Dana Detrick-Clark: Your Mastermind Group is CRAP! networking, business growth 3 Steps to Making Money in a Dead Market marketing, voiceover Top 10 Things Every New Voice Over Talent Should Know voiceover

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Top 10 Things Every New Voice Talent Should Know

by Dana Detrick-Clark “Tell me how I can break into the voice over industry!” You’ve been told you have a great voice, you want to transition into a field that seems to be all about fun, or you want to make big, easy money. Right? When I’ve received this request many times in the past, I have taken a great deal of time to provide links for coaches, for schools, for job sites, for other mentors. I’ve mapped out plans […]

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3 Steps to Making Money in a Dead Market

by Dana Detrick-Clark Recently, voice over industry website VoiceOverXtra published the results of their audiobook narrators survey. They can be found here: Reports Begin: Respondents Tell Their Levels Of Experience, What And How They Narrate The Surge In Audiobook Titles, Home Studio, & Compensation Methods Keep Income Lower Here’s What Audiobook Narrators Earn, And Their Methods Of Compensation Are Audiobook Narrators Satisfied With Pay? 60% Say NO – Especially About ‘Royalty Share’ It’s a lot of data, but with one […]

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Blog Roll June 20-27, 2015

Big impact articles this week from Dana Detrick-Clark: What You Can Learn from How Major Auto Makers Use Fathers and Daughters to Turn Features into Benefits advertising, storytelling Our Earliest Money Memories and the Results We are Seeing Now finance The Difference Between Content Marketing and Digital Marketing and Why You Need Both marketing The Difference Between Inbound Marketing and Outbound Marketing and Why You Should Pick One marketing 3 Ways to Deal With Price Objections pricing, sales

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3 Ways to Deal With Price Objections

By Dana Detrick-Clark All companies have a rate they base their quotes and estimates on. Sometimes it’s hourly, as many contractors and professional services have found work best, and other times it’s a flat rate based on a product, a package, or a project. In the creative world this can get even more precise. Voice talent, for example, can charge by the word, by the page, by the finished hour (which is the length of final product after all editing […]

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How to Provide More Options, Quality, and Value with Strategic Partnerships

by Dana Detrick-Clark As creatives, we’re always looking for ways to offer our clients more options, more quality, and more value.  These are often the ways we try to differentiate ourselves in a market full of gifted and capable competition.   But the pitfalls of offering too much can sometimes cause our plans of “upping our game” to backfire.  Trying to offer too many additional options to our services can add learning curves to our already full workloads, and knock our […]

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