ConsultingFind clarity, leverage your strengths, and chart the path to success with personalized expertise.

For 20 years, Dana Detrick-Clark has combined right-brained creativity with left-brained clarity to traverse Serious Vanity through many incarnations. She’s putting every solid marketing success and hard lesson she’s learned to use for your small business or organization with these consulting solutions and packages.

Solution: Buyer Persona Development

Without a clear idea of who your buyer is and what motivates them, your marketing is dead in the water.

We’ll discover both your current and ideal clients, their goals and challenges, and form three buyer personas that give you all the information you need to walk confidently into all areas of your marketing.

Solution: Content Needs Assessment

Dana’s seven-point assessment sets your buyer personas into action by discovering the proper channels, resources, and content to reach them. Comes with a competitor assessment based on your preferred guidelines.

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Solution: Content Strategy

With your content needs discovered, now you can form the plan for creation, budget, and scheduling to put it all to work.

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Package: All-in-One

Get the Buyer Persona Development, Content Needs Assessment, and Content Strategy solutions all at one time for cohesive ‘Person, Place, and Thing’ discovery! Plus, we can combine in it with a retainer for content creation, so we can start the whole process. Contact Dana directly via the form below to get started. Need to learn more? Click here for the blog.