As team players, we bring specific skills to any creative team, no matter how big or small our role.

Categories of how we can help include:

Character Voice Acting
Sound Design
Sound Restoration
Script Writing

Here are a few examples of how our solutions have broadened the reach of other businesses and creatives:


“Serious Vanity was my right hand audio editing partner as my voice acting career grew. We worked on many very interesting projects from instruction ebooks, to videogames, to large books on religion! I eventually even became published as an audio book reader for Amazon’s Audible, which was a highlight in my career. I would not have been published had it not been for Dana’s amazing work ethic, business insight, and quick turnaround. She is a machine at work, but anything but a machine in person – the sweetest and smartest person you could work with. I have since transitioned into the legal industry as a lawyer, of all things – where I get to use my voice just as much as I did in voice acting, but if I ever go back to voice acting, I will sue anyone who gets in my way of working with her again! She’s the best! “ Nathan Mubasher, legal professional and Serious Vanity voice talent partner

SOLUTION: Character Voice Acting

Our go-to list of talent bring to life dynamic, dramatic characters for gaming, animation, web series, audio dramas, interactive comics and products.