We’re as driven as our partners to help captivate their customers with a great story, an enriching experience, or something that helps them become more of who they are. The industries we work to accomplish this with include:

Arts and Entertainment
Athletics and Fitness
Fashion, Cosmetics, and Beauty
Personal Development and Brain Entrainment

Here’s some examples of what we’ve partnered on:


As a partner with Luxottica Retail, we helped promote not just trusted and luxury eyewear brands, but educate and motivate their organization.

“Dana was an excellent choice for our voiceover job and I’m truly pleased with her quality of work. She responded quickly to all my requests, including revisions. I appreciate her hard work.” Nicole Graham, Luxottica Retail


We’ve been very lucky to provide both character voicing and custom music creation to deeply innovative and quality game developers. It’s a unique creative process that is part cinema, part tech, and completely rewarding.

Arctic Creations, Inc. is a company we’ve gotten to work with on several products for young gamers. With the focus on designing an experience for them that is both fun and educational, our partnership has created that level of experience for us, too.