Great Inspirational Quote on Self-Acceptance and Individuality from David Bowie

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“I’m just an individual who doesn’t feel that I need to have somebody qualify my work in any particular way. I’m working for me.” — Performer and Artist David Bowie

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Still processing Bowie’s death. I never tried to put into words what he meant in my life. Clearly he resonated in a special place for not just people of my generation and the one just prior that actually got to see him emerge; not just musicians; not just artists of any kind. He reached so many fringes that he somehow touched everyone. He was someone without creative boundaries, who, in indulging in the imaginary, was distinctly authentic. He was awkward yet the very definition of style. He could not, nor will ever be, imitated. He created fully believable worlds for us all to escape into, all senses engaged. He was my influences’ influence, then mine on such a grand scale, and I feel like I both lost a friend and gained a patron saint. He provided the soundtrack for some of the greatest times in my life, sparking my hope, my own creativity, and desire to find those distant planets that only allowed very special rock stars past their intergalactic velvet ropes. Thank you, David Bowie. My soul’s journey wouldn’t have been the same without you. – Dana Detrick-Clark

David Bowie Quote

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