How to Craft 3 Valentine’s Day Specials That Will Make You Irresistible to Your Clients [podcast + free download]

by Dana Detrick-Clark

Everyone wants to be irresistible on Valentine’s Day! But unless you’re in the love business, it may seem like a holiday that serves no purpose in your industry.

Change that thought! There is always a way to use these calendar days as an opportunity to start a conversation or offer something out of the ordinary to our clients or prospects. And when we show the love, they return it.

The key to crafting a great Valentine’s Day special is the same as gifting a romantic valentine: don’t make it about YOU, make it about THEM!

The First Three Steps:

Step one, then, is to be certain you know what your client or prospect’s most pressing needs are. When it’s an offer that really lands Cupid’s arrow right where it solves their problem or broadens their reach, you’ll have a relationship with more than a superficial foundation.

Step two is choosing the right deliverable – your client’s “love language”, so to speak.

Some sweethearts like a box of candy or a giant bouquet of roses. Gifts (we’ll call content) are their currency. Physical or digital products that give them something to show as symbols of relationship, and are “just for them” – not necessarily to be shared.

Some will be thrilled with an act of love, like chores, adventures, or dinner at a special restaurant. We’ll call these services, since they are more about providing a one time event. These require your interaction, but are also all about the experience.

And sometimes, it’s just about being top of mind. A call, a card, an introduction, or a little of your time.

So now we have three categories of deliverables, and what we choose for each client or prospect will be best dictated by their most pressing need. How we craft them each will be similar, though. That takes us to step three in the sweet recipe: the distribution channel – the delivery truck for our irresistible specials!

Now, with a clear idea of the steps we’ll be taking, let’s get to crafting some specials!

You’ve already defined the steps, now let’s dig into crafting our three specials, and winning some hearts. Download this free worksheet for each client that will make the job even easier.

How to Craft 3 Valentine's Day Specials that will Make You Irresistable to Your Clients

Special One – Content

A lot falls under the umbrella of “content” – blogs, graphics, audio, video, e-books, white papers, ads, and so much more. Our Valentine’s Day Specials don’t have to be themed for the holiday, necessarily – but as a creative, I like the challenge of it!

So let’s say I have a client who is a video producer, and though he may work with clients in different industries, they all sometimes have similar creative needs. My client’s pressing need is often to get things done quickly on a tight budget.

So I might, as a voice artist, create a small package of high quality, common “love” liners or sound bites which commonly appear across a multitude of industries’ uses, so he has them on hand and won’t have to take the time to contract me when his next deadline is looming.

I’d offer this at a tremendous Valentine’s Day discount, with a unique coupon code for him to use from my sales page, so he knows this is something exclusively for him.

Since our main point of contact is almost always email, I would alert him to the special this way, too, along with a note of gratitude for our positive working relationship.

And whether he buys or not – it’s still a win. You’ve shown your client that you’re not only grateful for the experiences you’ve already had, but that you’re willing to go the extra mile to provide extra value for his future projects, too.


Special Two – Services

Let’s say I don’t have time to develop something for my video producer client, or that his scripts are usually so specific that it doesn’t come near his most pressing need to provide some stock voice options. I might instead choose to provide him a discount on future services.

Like with a gift certificate or coupon, this sets the stage for future experiences, and can still be distributed via a thank you note (either in physical mail or email), and processed at the time of future invoicing.

Convenient, genuine, and irresistible!

Special Three – Positioning

This may not seem like a “special”, but it certainly has value your client will appreciate.

I know my client wants to broaden his reach, so there may be someone in my own network that would also be a prospective creative partner for him that I could introduce him to (whether directly or via social networking).

All the better if there’s room in their potential projects for voice work – guess who would be the first talent they both would have in mind?

So a simple introduction could be the ticket to a long term creative team you could all benefit from.

Irresistible across the board!

Final Thoughts

Winning and keeping your prospects and clients is often no more difficult than just doing what you do, and doing it well. But going the extra mile to create custom, delicious specials that go right to the heart of their most pressing needs, will always be irresistible.

Happy Valentine’s Day from Serious Vanity! And don’t forget to get your free worksheet to craft your own specials.

How to Craft 3 Valentine's Day Specials that will Make You Irresistable to Your Clients

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