How to Retweet like a Pro in 3 Easy Steps

by Dana Detrick-Clark

Keeping a healthy presence on Twitter involves creating content, sharing statuses, and curating quality retweets. If you follow innovative and resourceful Twitter users, it seems like that should be easy enough, right? But I’ve found there are ways to up your retweeting game and make yourself a powerful curator other users are going to want to follow, add to lists, and of course, retweet!

Here are three easy steps to retweet like a pro!

1. DO! Acknowledge the author or retweeter.

They’ve either created a post of value or curated it, saving you time and effort. Acknowledge them with an @mention or HT (“hat tip” or “heard through”). It’s not just polite! It also builds rapport and starts the conversation.

2. DO! Personalize your retweet.

If your followers care about what you think and why you value a tweet, tell them! It will make them more likely to check it out. Twitter makes it easy now with the “Add a comment…” feature that appears before you approve a retweet. Added bonus? The post will appear in your Twitter Analytics, where regular, unedited retweets won’t.

3. DON’T retweet anything you wouldn’t want your name or your brand attached to forever!

No matter how many times we hear this in social media, it still bears repeating. Always keep the big picture in mind and remember that no matter how cute, funny, or poignant that tweet may seem in the moment, that retweet is going to be seen as an endorsement by your Twitter followers. If that works for your brand, by all means, work it in. For example, if you’re selling diaper pails, cute pictures of babies would be totally applicable to your Twitter marketing plan. But, with the same product, a political rant that polarizes your buyers won’t make any sense at all. And long after you’ve forgotten the heated emotions that caused you to post, your followers will still have it top of mind when they think of your brand.

Final Thoughts

You’ll know you’re retweeting like a pro when you hit all of these points on a consistent basis, and you’ve got the favorites, followers, and retweets to show for it. Follow us on Twitter for more tips!


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