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Hi Humberto! Thank you for your interest in what I’ve done in the fields of health and education. Here is a small sampling of some of my work in order to give you a big picture view of some of the things I can do. I’m happy to provide more!

I provided audio only (both music and voice over) for a large series of digital signage in-office videos including this one (video work not provided by me):


I’ve done e-learning for enterprise software including Microsoft, Novell, and Corel, as well as programs for young learners and ESL students:



Here are some of my branded educational podcasts and videos (all produced in-house):




And a little more video work, though outside of your industry. These are examples of some of the broadcast and web videos I’ve produced:


More can be seen and heard at:

Thank you for your time, and I’m happy to answer any questions or provide any further samples!

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