We know our partners need predictable budgets and turnaround times, and have simplified the process of clearing premium, unique licensed media to save them time, and to help them plan. With license options at price points for varying budgets, quick clearance, and usage that is tracked within regions and industries, our partners have confidence that with each license, they’ve got the perfect piece.

Categories of media we create include:

Music Score
Needle Drop and Royalty Free Music
Turnkey Solutions

Here are a few samples of the work we’ve created with them:

MEDIA: Soundtrack

Working with partner Nowicki Productions, we provided a selection of music for book trailer use that fit mood and audience (for in this case, Joy Preble’s popular teen fiction, Haunted), allowing them to customize their perfect choice.

MEDIA: Music Score

Arctic Creations, Inc. is a company we’ve gotten to work with on several products for young gamers. With the focus on using custom music to design an experience for them that is both fun and educational, our partnership has created that level of experience for us, too.

MEDIA: Soundtrack

Our partner MediaGyro was seeking a very specific music soundtrack for their client, and our collaboration delivered the perfect fit.

“I simply couldn’t have asked for better…or nicer. I’m actively looking for ways to use your business, Dana!” Laura Henry, MediaGyro

MEDIA: Turnkey Solutions

Learn more about our turnkey solutions on our A LA CARTE OPTIONS AND PACKAGES page.