Serious Vanity is a one-stop multimedia production house, developing custom audio, video, and content solutions to fit the needs of creative development and small business partners.

For more on the specifics of what we can create, case studies, and samples of our work, check out each of these media and consulting categories.

Marketing Media Content Advertising

From creative content for mobile and social media to traditional radio and television ads, we’ve partnered with firms, agencies, and directly with businesses to develop the right tools to get their message in front of the right customers.

Categories of marketing media we create include:

  • Content for Advertising
  • Content for Inbound Marketing
  • Branding Video Production
  • Branding Audio Production
  • Infographics and Infoposters

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Interactive Media Content

Our creative partnerships breathe life into the relationship between multimedia and user, providing education and enrichment. From helping an ESL student learn about history to providing a deep meditative experience to a soul searcher, these products and programs impact lives and futures.

Categories of interactive media we create include:

  • E-Learning Content
  • Audiobook Production
  • Podcasting
  • Audio Therapy

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Licensed Media and Audio Content

We know our partners need predictable budgets and turnaround times, and have simplified the process of clearing premium, unique licensed media to save them time, and to help them plan. With license options at price points for varying budgets, quick clearance, and usage that is tracked within regions and industries, our partners have confidence that with each license, they’ve got the perfect piece.

Categories of media we create include:

  • Music Score
  • Soundtrack
  • Needle Drop and Royalty Free Music
  • Turnkey Solutions

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Development Solutions

As team players, we bring specific skills to any creative team, no matter how big or small our role.

Categories of Solutions we offer include:

  • Character Voice Acting
  • Overdub
  • Editing
  • Mastering
  • Sound Design
  • Sound Restoration
  • Talent
  • Script Writing

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Through consulting, we’re able to help our clients get clear on their goals and form a content strategy.

Some of the consulting projects we offer include:

  • Content Marketing Consulting
  • Content Marketing Strategy
  • Content Assessments
  • Buyer Persona Development

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