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Dana Detrick-Clark here. Glad you’ve made it through the fog to join me. Let’s get to know each other a little better!

The entrepreneurial spirit is strong in my blood line. My great-grandmother owned her own bakery in St. Joseph, Missouri. My grandfather was a master decorator who ran his own firm in the Greater Kansas City area throughout his life, beautifying some of its most elite homes. My grandmother was a writer and singer, and at age 13 hosted her own radio show.

My father taught me the value of hard work and dedication, spending nearly 40 years with General Motors.

So the path was well paved for me!

I could always be found with a marker in my hand, my tiny guitar, or my “first recording studio”: a garage sale tape recorder with no battery cover. I would create my own radio ads on blank cassette tapes, set up intricate “film sets” with my Barbie dolls, and fill spiral notebook after spiral notebook with poems, essays, and songs. I spent my allowance on paper clips and staples, preparing for my office.

This was my destiny!

My joy is in creating amazing things for my clients and helping them map a plan for success. Since 1996, Serious Vanity has been the vehicle to do just that, evolving from a record label and music publisher, to deepening my relationship with one-on-one client service as a mastering suite and a production studio for advertising and branding, all while sharing my experience and expertise through great publications and sites.

It all brings me to this moment.

My purpose has never been more realized than now, as I help broaden my clients’ reach through premium content development, creative consulting, and marketing confidence.

Some of my other interests outside of all things multimedia and business include music (of course!), nature, animals, learning, reading, holistic health and wellness, spiritual studies, cooking, walking meditation, astrology, brain biology, and advocacy against bad pharmaceutical practices within mental health treatment.

I’m active in support groups and forums and have been blessed with relationships all over the world that prove great things can come from bad situations.

Some of my favorite thinkers ever include Carl Jung, Frank Zappa, David Bowie, Black Hawk, Nile Rodgers, Shakti Gawain, and Judge Judy.

Now, more about you!

Let’s talk about your point of view, your goals, and how we can reach them to bring a phenomenal experience to your clients and customers!

Inbound Certified 2017


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