Infographic Video Podcast Multimedia Package

Both audio podcasts and their video counterparts are invaluable tools for enhancing brands and blogs. Combine them with infographics and infoposters, and you’ve illustrated your point in a way that’s undeniable to your clients and prospects.

Enter the Infographic Video Podcast Multimedia Package: the all-in-one thought leader resource kit!

You will get:

  • One infographic or infoposter, based on your or your client’s script, outline, data, blog post, or article;
  • One 2-4 minute web video based on your or your client’s script, outline, data, blog post, or article;
  • One 2-4 minute MP3 of your video’s audio to share on audio sites and as a podcast;
  • Voice over on the video and podcast (by default, performed by Dana Detrick-Clark, but other voices are available upon request);
  • A non-exclusive soundbed with original music from the Serious Vanity Music library (not just any stock!), which will be used in your video’s audio;
  • An appropriately sized title graphic for branding the MP3 on online audio sites;
  • Three bonus JPEGs of related quotes either from your or your client’s data, blog, or article, or inspired by the infographic or infoposter’s main themes, to share on social media;
  • A bonus PDF of the infographic or infoposter’s main themes, to share as a slideshow or e-book;
  • Plus, of course, all proper licenses for the media used to create the infographic or infoposter, video, and audio, so you can confidently use them in your inbound marketing campaign!

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Here is my own 3 Ways to Clarify Your Copy and Land More Clients! Infoposter multimedia set as an example of the types of content you’ll receive:

Note: This is not a template. Your package will contain completely custom graphics, audio, and video that fit with your visual and audio identity.

I will obtain your contact information at the time you place your order, so make sure the details you submit are your preferred method of contact. I will contact you within one business day of receiving your order to make sure I have all of the project details. Turnaround for the set as listed here is three weeks.

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What I’ll request when I first contact you:

  • Any collateral, like logos or other graphics, you’d like used in the graphics and video;
  • Your script, outline, blog post, article, or data we’ll be forming the infographic or infoposter from;
  • Links or other information you’d like featured in the graphics and video;
  • References to any quotes you already have in mind for your three quote JPEGs;
  • Direction on colors or elements you’d like featured, if you have a concept in mind.

If you have requests for your set that don’t match the offerings of this package, contact me before ordering and I’ll provide you with a custom quote. This can include anything from wanting a different length on your audio and video, wanting to add more quotes, or needing extra data research provided.

Refund Policy: Contact me as soon as possible if you realize you need to cancel your order before we begin working together. If we do start the project and there comes a need to stop within the first 7 days, you will be billed appropriately for any time worked and/or content created or acquired (which you will be given detailed receipt for). There are no refunds after 7 days of order, as the project is already well underway.

Though this probably doesn’t apply, I do reserve the right to turn down any project that is opposed to my values (only extreme cases, like racism, sexism, etc. would be in question).

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Check out my campaign below to familiarize yourself with the quality of content you’ll be giving your clients or customers:



Infographic or Infoposter:






PDF as Slideshow:

I’m looking so forward to working with you! I’m happy to answer any questions you may have before you decide to purchase for yourself or your client, or provide more information about how this package can fit your overall inbound marketing plan.

Or, if you’re ready to start our working relationship, you can place your order now! Payment is safely and conveniently processed via PayPal, and through the order button below, you can pay by credit card even if you don’t have a PayPal account. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. I want you to feel comfortable making this investment in your marketing content.

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Thank you for your time today!
Dana Detrick-Clark
Your Multimedia Partner