Our Earliest Money Memories and the Results We are Seeing Now

by Dana Detrick-Clark

Our Earliest Money Memories and the Results We Are Seeing Now

I am a big fan of Denise Duffield-Thomas. She’s one of the people I included in my short list of high impact thought leaders I still follow, mentioned in this earlier post. In a recent Facebook post, she asked her followers what their earliest money memory was. My own response has really sent my internal cogs spinning!

My memory:

“I remember seeing the little ledger book for my first savings account – money from gifts over a period of time I think, probably adding to $50. I was probably around 5 or 6, and I used to love to look at the ledger and picture it filling up, and visiting the bank, thinking of how my money was there. But my mother eventually liquidated it I guess, there was some drama with that. Interesting because I’ve always had a good relationship with how I feel about money, but I do struggle with shared debts, feeling like other people “take” my money and I can’t get ahead. Never tied the two things until now! Thank you!”

As a student of many philosophies over the course of my life, I’ve struggled to tie my money blocks to the traditional culprits:

Do I feel guilty when I have money? No.

Do I spend irresponsibly like crazy every time I get a dollar in my pocket, to fill some void? No.

Am I a “money martyr” that feels that only starving artists can truly be successful in their work? HELL NO!

But this one simple question really uncovered the source of a limiting belief I can now crush. More proof that our financial planning sessions happen just as much on the zafu or on a woods walk as they do at the banker’s desk!

I’m also filling myself up with positive talks from thinkers like Denise and other content marketing and multimedia industry-specific leaders, as well as my favorite spiritual gurus like Dr. Wayne Dyer, Joel Osteen, and Abraham-Hicks.

I hope this inspires you today to not only use simple questions to uncover your own money blocks, but to also take action on rebuilding a new way of thinking through positive, affirmative inner work that gets them out of your way! It takes less time than you’d expect and does more good in your life than you can ever imagine. Your past beliefs do not have to be your future plans. Crush those blocks, and make room for your new prosperity!

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