Top 3 Reasons You Should Promote Your Voice Over Career With Video

by Dana Detrick-Clark

Since 2010, Serious Vanity has moved from just creating audio content to also fully producing web video and trailers in-house, helping our clients get their message across even more dynamically.

It seemed a no brainer! Where the web was once comparable to print media, where only words and the occasional still image were the tools we all had to work with, we now have a medium more like television, with any combination of sound, animation, film, photos, words, and graphics available 24/7. We wanted to be part of that on all levels.

What’s been an added bonus is that the web videos we’ve created (as well as the videos we’ve provided content for) have helped propel the voice over side of Serious Vanity. One hand washes the other.

So from what I’ve learned, here are my top 3 reasons I think you should also consider promoting your own voice career with video if you aren’t already:

1. It illustrates to your prospects how your voice will work in their projects.

By either creating video featuring your voice, or incorporating video projects you’ve done voice work for into your site, social networks, and profiles, you’ll be upping the ante on your demos. Sure, they can imagine from an audio file how you’ll sound in their finished video, but seeing upfront how engaging your voice will be when matched with visuals can seal the deal.

2. It provides a way for your colleagues and fans to help promote you, too.

By having a video on a sharable network like YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter, you’re presenting an opportunity for someone recommending you to do it in a more effective way. An email saying, “Here’s my friend, you should put him in your ad,” with a link, isn’t a very enticing referral. It takes a lot of steps, and gives people plenty of chances to opt out. If instead they’re getting a message with the same text, only this time it has the video embedded or linked in a way they can automatically play it within the message body? So much easier! Not to mention how you can share it in your feeds or on a tab, right on your profile.

3. It’s still new in the industry.

Everyone has demos. But right now, there’s still few enough voice artists using video that it’s a way to stand out in the crowd. You’re showing your prospects that staying on top of current technology and trends is important to you, as no doubt it’s important to them, too!

Final Thoughts

So consider it! It’s a great way to give yourself more exposure, and inject some visual power into the promotional collateral you already have. If you don’t have a video yet, or need some help compiling elements you do have, we can help!

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