Ultimate Voice Over Talent One-Sheet for Hirers and Producers [free download]

by Dana Detrick-Clark

Ultimate Voice Over Talent One-Sheet for Hirers and Producers

As both a multimedia developer who hires voice over talent, and a voice over talent myself, I’ve found that each project is improved so much when the right information is organized in the right way. When deadlines are tight and our contacts are many, no one wants to waste time searching through every email or direct message for information we could easily have at our fingertips!

That’s why I’ve developed this Ultimate Voice Over Talent One-Sheet for Hirers and Producers, to help myself and my colleagues stay on top of their talent data. Hiring can be a breeze when we can easily thumb through a file or binder that’s optimized to make the most of our time to find just the right person for the job.

And if we’re not the only hirers in our organization, it’s got the added benefit of keeping everyone on the same page without tons of extra contact and discovery.

Download yours right now for free!

The first section is for the most important contact information, as well as whether or not your talent is union or non-union, so you’ll know right away if this talent is even eligible for your project.

The second section is for when your talent returns your emails or messages, when they record, and when they deliver files. I’ve learned the hard way to get clear on this one, as not all talent view “turnaround within one business day” from the same perspective developers like us do; where your business day may end at 6pm, theirs may end at midnight! If your deadline depends on this distinction, you’ll know upfront without having to waste time contacting someone who isn’t available.

The third section outlines the aspects of their performance, such as voice age, gender, language, and accents they perform. Even if you work with them for an English-speaking project, it pays to know you could count on them for Spanish, too. Take the time to find out!

Ultimate Voice Over Talent One-Sheet for Hirers and Producers

The fourth section includes additional services your voice over talent can also provide. Need a second talent for this project? Maybe they have a partner in-house you should know about. Or they might also provide translation, saving you a ton of time outsourcing this work.

The fifth section is where you can outlay your payment details. If they only work with paper checks, note that here with their mailing address. If they need PayPal on file delivery, you can note that, too, so you’re not repeatedly met with invoice reminders because you’ve forgotten.

And the final section leaves space for any special directions or notes about your voice over talent. Maybe they’ve done a spectacular job in the past, and this is a place to remind yourself of their worth! Or maybe they did a not so great job, and this is where you remark that they’re an “only in emergencies” talent.

Download it here for free!

I hope getting all of this information all in one page is as useful to you as it is to me! We face enough organizational challenge with each project outline, storyboard, and communication that we need to manage between our clients and vendors. One-sheets like this help keep it down to a minimum. Please let me know what you think in the comments below!

And if you’re a voice over talent, feel free to download a copy for yourself to pass along to each of your clients (with your information, of course!).

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